Summers can get hot and sticky in Clayton, North Carolina, and your family needs a solution that will keep everyone cool all summer long. From its flexible location to its energy efficiency, learn how a mini-split system can keep your family comfortable through the summer.

Targeted Cooling

One of the best perks of a single-zone ductless system is that it provides extra cooling power wherever you need it. Install a mini-split in a sunroom, a recently finished attic, or part of your home that constantly feels too hot, and you’ll keep the family cool even on the hottest days of summer.

Flexible Location

Since central air conditioners require ductwork, they don’t offer much flexibility regarding location. However, the Carolina Comfort Air team can install mini-split systems just about anywhere around your home. Installation is fast and easy, as it requires just a small indoor and outdoor unit and a conduit to connect the two. We can place the outdoor unit in a discreet location on the side or backyard of your home and have the system up and running within a few hours.

Better Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a serious issue during the summer months, and under-cooled areas of your home can suffer from stale air and high humidity. Mini-split systems are designed to improve indoor air quality and keep humidity in check. With their advanced filtering capabilities, they can also keep your family comfortable by removing allergens and indoor pollutants from the air.

Zoning Options

If your home’s cooling needs are relatively advanced, rest assured that a multi-zone ductless system can handle just about anything. This innovative cooling system comes with multiple indoor units, each with its own temperature settings. With just one outdoor unit, you can give your home all the cooling power it needs to keep your family comfortable on the hottest days of the year.

Our team is here to help with all of your family’s air conditioning needs. Call Carolina Comfort Air at 919-879-2106 to learn more about our cooling solutions.