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Perks of Owning a Humidifier

In: Facts, Tips 15 Jan 2015


PROBLEM: SHOCKINGLY Dry Home Environment

Is your winter “hair”…  Oh… we mean air… causing pesky winter problems? From itchy, cracked skin to hair standing on end, dry air can cause an array of discomforts.  

WHY: Glad you asked…

A home’s humidity level drops in the winter as outdoor air is heated… Get all the specifics for this process… When humidity levels are too low, problems such as physical discomfort, high utility bills, damage to your home and illnesses can begin to unfold.  Tinkering with the thermostat only makes problems worse… And we all thought high humidity was the evil twin.

SOLUTION: A Home Humidifier

A humidifier helps give your home’s air the perfect amount of moisture for optimal comfort. An environment with controlled humidity can bring many health and system benefits including the following… 

  • Controls static electricity
  • Increases comfort at lower temperature settings
  • Increases HVAC efficiency 
  • Increases physical comfort, such as moisturized lips and skin
  • Helps preserve the quality of hardwood floors and furniture
  • Helps treat and prevent illness
  • Learn More About our List

Carolina Comfort Air partners with Aprilaire, a leader in the home humidifier industry, to provide customers with the most innovative humidification products and service. 

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