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Spreading Love by Keeping You Safe from Carbon Monoxide

In: Uncategorized 17 Feb 2014

sleeping_couple.105654To celebrate the month of February, Carolina Comfort Air is spreading love to customers by offering exclusive savings on a product that helps keep your home safe. Protect yourself and family from the colorless killer with $30 off the installation of a Carbon Monoxide Detector.

What is Carbon Monoxide?
Did you know that carbon monoxide (CO) is a tasteless, odorless gas that is extremely toxic to people and animals? When inhaled, CO can cause harmful effects to your health and in some cases death.

How Can I Measure the Amount of CO in My Home?
Since carbon monoxide is impossible to see or taste, you may be unaware of the dangers in your home. Installing a carbon monoxide detector can help keep an eye on the levels in your home.

What Do CO Detectors Do?
CO detectors are devices that are designed to measure levels of carbon monoxide within your home. If the device detects a dangerous accumulation of CO, an alarm will sound to alert you. It is important to never ignore an alert from a CO detector. Instead, take the proper maintenance or repair measures to ensure your home ventilation system is sufficient.

Carbon Monoxide DetectorWhat are the Sources of CO?
Carbon monoxide can enter your home through space heaters, leaky furnaces, gas water heaters and stoves, equipment powered by gas, automobile exhaust and more. In order to control your home’s CO levels, proper maintenance of these products is strongly recommended.

At Carolina Comfort Air, our ultimate goal is to keep our customers happy and safe. Take advantage of the love from now until March 15 and get $30 OFF a Carbon Monoxide Detector install.

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