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A heat pump is an important part of central heating & cooling systems. It uses the air from outside to heat homes in the winter, as well as cool homes in the summer. A big benefit of a heat pump is that instead of generating heat, it moves it, making it more energy efficient. They are also powered by electricity rather than fuel.

heat pump

By transporting heat energy, heat pumps move warm air from one place to another. Where this heat energy is moved to depends on the seasons and the task the heat pump is given. In the winter time, the heat pump will extract heat from outside and transfer it into your home. In the summer time, it will reverse directions to act like an air conditioner and remove heat from your home.

Heat pumps are most commonly found in homes in moderate climates like ours. Call Carolina Comfort Air today for questions about heat pumps and to see if a heat pump system is right for you.

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