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This fall we are giving away a Primo Kamado grill to one lucky Facebook Fan.  Valued at $899, the Kamado is not your average patio accessory.  Made from the highest quality SuperCeramics, this grill smoker combo cooks food with unbeatable taste.  But, that’s not all….  Weekly Winners will be selected and given Carolina Comfort Air Goody Bags filled with fun loot!

So, how do I win it?

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Contest runs from September 23 to October 30th. Winner will be announced on October 31, 2013

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At Carolina Comfort Air we are so passionate about giving back to our community that we’ve given our efforts a name and a fancy new logo.

banner_mockupWorking Hands, Warm Hearts was designed to create new knowledge and motivation that will help the business expand and strengthen local volunteer efforts.  From the top down, Carolina Comfort Air promotes and participates in many local volunteer opportunities.  When you see our logo, know that Comfy is warming hearts again.

Carolina Comfort Air has donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Johnston County Relay for Life 2 years in a row.  We’ve been featured as a “High on the Hog” Sponsor for Cary Kildaire Rotary’s Pig Pickin’ in the Park, which raises funds for the James Atkins Memorial Scholarship and Humanitarian Fund.

Many of our efforts help the youth, including 2012 Corporate Sponsor of the Princeton Little Tar-Heel League and individual sponsorship as part of the Johnston County Youth Livestock Program.  We have also partnered with the BACA Poker Run to raise money to fight child abuse

View our full list of charitable events with event details.  We encourage everyone to get involved in the community!

Join us in October for the Poker Run to Benefit Toys for Tots…

PokerRun_BlogCome out to the Poker Run sponsored by Carolina Comfort Air! All proceeds benefit Toys for Tots.

What: Poker Run to benefit Toys for Tots
When: Bikes Roll out at 10 am on October 5, 2013
Price: $15 per BIke/ $20 with Passenger
Where: Carolina Comfort Air, 5212 Hwy 70 Business West, Clayton

Prizes will be awarded for Best and Worst Hand! RSVP to the event on Facebook, call 919-795-2393, email shindigpokerrun@gmail.com, or join us at the Starting Line.

Free admission to the Shindig featuring Beer, Bands and BBQ. Visit the Shindig Site for all the details. 

Ventilation and good air quality are sometimes under-appreciated in a home. Proper air circulation helps regulate temperature, can prevent mold, remove impurities and simply make your living space more pleasant. Poor air circulation on the other hand can leave your home’s air stagnant and can actually endanger your health. In this post we want to provide you with a few simple steps you can take to get the air in your home flowing again for a healthier and more comfortable home. This is especially important in much newer homes since they tend to not have as much natural infiltration. This is mainly due to improvements in energy efficiency techniques.

  • With the spring air about to arrive let’s start with the obvious way to immediately improve the indoor air circulation in your home. ?By simply opening up screen doors and windows you can create a cross breeze that will help circulate air through your entire house. Of course in the spring it is best to wait for all of the pollen to stop falling first.
  • Keep those ceiling fans turned on when you are home. We know most people take advantage of this during the warmer months. However, it can also be very beneficial in the winter since a fan helps heat a living space by recirculating the warm air trapped near the ceiling. The key here is making sure the fan is rotating counter-clockwise during the warmer months and clockwise during the cooler months.
  • Most people never think about the exhaust fans in their kitchens or bathrooms. These small exhaust fans work similar to ceiling fans but in reverse. These fans draw air and moisture inwards which can improve ventilation, remove humidity and contaminants from the air.
  • Attic vents should be installed in your home if not already in place. This is best left up to a professional but is certainly a much needed item if not already in place. A lack of attic ventilation can cause stagnant air to become trapped and penetrate the attic floor. In turn this air can affect your entire house. ?Attic fans can provide the ventilation your attic needs while reducing energy costs. They can also help extend the life of your roof. There are also tax credits for solar attic fans so keep this in mind when doing your research.

These simple air circulation tips can make a big difference towards a healthier and more comfortable home. They should also help you save a little on your heating and cooling costs and who doesn’t like saving money on their bills! Remember for all of your heating and cooling needs we are here to help.


There are lots of ways to prolong the life of your HVAC equipment and save money this spring & summer. That is why we have compiled this simple list of tips that we hope you will find to be helpful. If you have any questions or need help with your HVAC you can call us anytime or contact us online. Remember, our “Comfort Protection Plan” offers priority service calls, two service cleans per year and a 15% discount off of your entire bill!


  1.      Have your Air Conditioning system tuned-up once in the spring and in the fall. This will keep your HVAC system running at peak efficiency. You want your system operating at peak efficiency because the system doesn’t have to work as hard. Allow it to do its job while saving you money.
  2.      Replace your furnace or air handler filters on a regular basis. Lack of regular filter changes and maintenance can cause your system to breakdown which means unwanted repair bills. There is no simpler way to maintain your system and your local home goods store should have them in stock. Just be sure to write down the size located on the old filter and mark a reminder on your calendar as a reminder.
  3.      Keep the thermostat constant. We know it is tempting when you are hot to bump the thermostat down but this can be very inefficient. You can, however, raise the thermostat 2-3 degrees during the day while you’re away to save money. Just keep in mind, every degree you raise the setting, you can expect to cut energy consumption by up to 3-5% which can really add up during peak season.
  4.      Consider use of a programmable thermostat. By installing a programmable thermostat you are able to automatically increase or decrease temperatures during day and night to suit your family’s lifestyle and reduce energy costs. We are even offering a $50 coupon on our website until mid-April so now is a great time to upgrade.
  5.      Clear or cut back shrubs and bushes from the outdoor unit. The sides of your HVAC unit require at least 12-18 inches of clearance for proper performance so make sure this space is properly maintained.

The Problem
It’s no fun being at the mercy of an inoperable heating or cooling system. In your life, comfort is key, if you can’t live in your own home comfortably, you won’t be happy. Who do you turn to when a problem arises in your HVAC system? You might browse the phone book or the internet, but for the most part you will be bombarded with advertisements all trying to poke your brain and keep your interest with gimmicks.

The Solution
Carolina Comfort Air is your solution for HVAC service, repair, and installation. We are here when you need us. If your unit shows any signs of trouble be sure to give us a call. At Carolina Comfort Air, we are committed to providing skilled, trustworthy, certified technicians to assist you with your HVAC needs.




One of our thermostats, featuring our Comfort Controls.

One of our thermostats, featuring our Comfort Controls.

Below we have put together some money Saving tips for the winter that may come in handy if you would like to see your heating bill drop.

1. Turn the heat down if you are away at work all day
2. If using the oven when cooking, leave the oven door open after you are finished to let it heat your kitchen and surrounding areas
3. You can use a small space heater if you are only using one or 2 rooms for long periods of time during the day
4. Bundle up with more clothes or a blanket and keep your thermostat a little lower than normal
5. Close the vents and doors to rooms that are not used regularly
6. Be sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed/insulated, over time seals can deteriorate.

A heat pump is an important part of central heating & cooling systems. It uses the air from outside to heat homes in the winter, as well as cool homes in the summer. A big benefit of a heat pump is that instead of generating heat, it moves it, making it more energy efficient. They are also powered by electricity rather than fuel.

heat pump

By transporting heat energy, heat pumps move warm air from one place to another. Where this heat energy is moved to depends on the seasons and the task the heat pump is given. In the winter time, the heat pump will extract heat from outside and transfer it into your home. In the summer time, it will reverse directions to act like an air conditioner and remove heat from your home.

Heat pumps are most commonly found in homes in moderate climates like ours. Call Carolina Comfort Air today for questions about heat pumps and to see if a heat pump system is right for you.

Air pollution within your own home is a great risk to your health. All sorts of pollutants can build up within your house depending on the filtration you have. The last thing you want airborne within your own home are pollutants like pollen, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. These can cause you some serious health issues if exposed for long periods of time.

all pollutants

There are many different ways to filter the air circulating within your home. A typical home with an HVAC system is only filtered with a small, 1 inch thick air filter. For some, this may not be enough, and may not be blocking all the harmful pollutants in your home.

This is where the whole house air cleaner comes in. A whole house air cleaner offers more air filtration than standard air filters. Carolina Comfort Air has the ability to install an electronic whole house air cleaner to help eliminate airborne pollutants in your home.

Whole-house air cleaner fixes:
• Air pollutants that cause 94% of all respiratory problems
• Dust mites (40,000 dust mites can live in one ounce of dust)
• Pet dander (10-15% of people are allergic)
• Skin flakes (people shed up to 700,000 skin flakes per day)
• Pollen
• Bacteria
• Mold & Mildew

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