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One of our thermostats, featuring our Comfort Controls.

One of our thermostats, featuring our Comfort Controls.

Below we have put together some money Saving tips for the winter that may come in handy if you would like to see your heating bill drop.

1. Turn the heat down if you are away at work all day
2. If using the oven when cooking, leave the oven door open after you are finished to let it heat your kitchen and surrounding areas
3. You can use a small space heater if you are only using one or 2 rooms for long periods of time during the day
4. Bundle up with more clothes or a blanket and keep your thermostat a little lower than normal
5. Close the vents and doors to rooms that are not used regularly
6. Be sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed/insulated, over time seals can deteriorate.

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