3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Office Heating and Cooling Bills

A comfortable business environment is a more productive one! 

But, heating and cooling your commercial spaces can get expensive fast.

To help, check out our expert-approved tips guaranteed to increase your building’s energy efficiency (without breaking your wallet).

Use Smart Thermostats with Zoning

To reduce your energy bills, lower your facility’s temperature at night (and set your thermostat higher during the day). 

Also, organize your temperature zones with smart thermostats. Since commercial properties contain multiple large-scaled spaces, creating zones will help. 

For example, organize a separate control for your warehouse versus your office.

Smart control thermostats can save you up to 20% on energy costs. Plus, you get smartphone access to raise and lower temperatures and regular system diagnostic and maintenance alerts.

Top tip: According to The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), a proper work environment for employees requires workplace temperatures between 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit.  So, keep your thermostat at a steady 76 degrees during the summer months and invest in fans with temperature automation (to boost your savings even further).

Focus on Your HVAC 

Don’t forget to pay attention to your current HVAC system as well! 

Is it time for a new commercial-grade HVAC?

A new installation or replacement can last you about 15 years!

Here are a few signs that indicate it may be time for you to replace your HVAC system:

  • Your system is nearing the end of its lifespan
  • Your utility bills keep increasing
  • Your system requires frequent repairs

Top Tip: Always invest in the right commercial HVAC system for your building or facility. And keep up with your HVAC system maintenance. Replace filters as needed and stay on top of any repairs. If you don’t, your system won’t run as smoothly, potentially doubling your costs (or resulting in another replacement). 

Improved insulation

Improving your facility’s insulation can also make a massive difference in the cost of cooling (and heating) your commercial building.

With better insulation, you can sustain a cooler environment inside your building (while keeping it warmer during the winter months).

Doing so will prevent you from blasting your AC or using space heaters, systems that will increase your energy bills even higher.

Top Tip: Prevent heat from escaping! Seal your building’s envelope by caulking all gaps, leaks, or openings you see during an energy audit. Also, don’t just focus on your wall insulation, but your floors and ceilings as well!

Get your commercial property serviced today (and save money on office heating and cooling)!

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