Technology is always advancing, resulting in better, more efficient solutions for residents in Raleigh, North Carolina. We’re already seeing emerging HVAC technologies that promise to shape how homes are heated and cooled in the future, and we couldn’t be more impressed! Here are just a few innovations worth looking forward to.

Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

It’s no secret that humans have been using ice to stay cool since we learned how to freeze water, so ice-powered air conditioning makes perfect sense. The California-based Ice Energy company has created a low-cost, reliable energy storage solution that can transform air conditioning as we know it. The company’s so-called Ice Bears are designed to transform inefficient air conditioners with ice storage, turning them into clean, efficient cooling systems that can benefit both customers and utility companies.

Essentially a large battery, the Ice Bear charges by making ice during non-peak hours. It then uses its stored energy during peak hours when inhabitants require cooling. As of now, an Ice Bear can provide efficient cooling to a building for up to six hours per day.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Although they’ve been available since the 1940s, geothermal heat pumps didn’t come into their own until consumers demanded energy-efficient alternatives to heating and cooling. Geothermal heat pumps are still considered a relatively new technology in the HVAC world. The good news, however, is that you can have a geothermal heat pump installed anytime, without having to wait for some newfangled technology to catch on.

Geothermal heat pumps work two ways. In the winter, they absorb heat in the ground by circulating water through the system’s underground loop. Then the heat is carried to the heat pump where it’s distributed in the home. During the summer, the opposite happens. The system transfers heat from the home through the underground loop where it’s absorbed. Cool water returns to the ground to supply the home with air conditioning.

Smart Homes

Our lives are becoming more connected as digital technology advances. In fact, we’ve already reached a point where smart products allow us to operate certain systems remotely. Smart thermostats, for example, connect your HVAC system to your mobile device. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can view the system’s status and make adjustments at any time. Some smart products will even alert you to issues that require maintenance.

As products become smarter, we’ll eventually reach a point where we will have fully automated homes. Naturally, HVAC systems will follow this trend and may one day make adjustments on their own according to the conditions found in the rest of the house.

HVAC Zoning

Zoned HVAC systems are already a reality, but it’s one technology that’s sorely underused among homeowners. A zoned system divides your home into different heating and cooling zones, allowing you to adjust them separately based on different preferences. For instance, if you prefer cooler temperatures in the bedrooms but like it toasty warm in the living areas, a zoned system lets you achieve that.

Even better, HVAC zoning helps you save energy by closing off unused rooms. When you only turn on a zone when it’s in use, such as when guests visit, you’ll notice considerable savings on your energy bill.

Analytical Software

Every reputable HVAC company uses analytical software to diagnose and address issues, but it’s good to know that even these products are getting better with technological advancements. At Carolina Comfort Air, we use only the latest diagnostic tools to analyze your system, helping us choose the best, most cost-effective approach for your needs. Many products can also self-diagnose, so if you have an advanced smart thermostat, for example, it’s even easier to tackle the issue before it becomes a major problem.

Only time will tell which innovations will shape the HVAC world of tomorrow, but for now, take advantage of the high-tech options available now. Call Carolina Comfort Air at 919-879-2106 to schedule an HVAC service and discuss these innovative products with a knowledgeable technician. We’ll be happy to make suggestions.