With the holidays around the corner, many Clayton, North Carolina residents are worried about keeping energy bills in check. Rather than cut corners on your celebrations, try a few ways to save energy this holiday season.

Choose LED Lights

With so many holiday decorations that require lighting from Halloween to Christmas, you can easily spend a small fortune on light replacements alone. Rather than decorate with energy-draining lights, choose LED decorations whenever possible. You’ll also want to replace your outdoor bulbs with LEDs. They’ll provide the perfect amount of light you need for trick-or-treaters without straining your pocketbook.

Replace the Air Filters

Your HVAC air filter helps boost its efficiency and improves your home’s indoor air quality, but after the peak cooling season, it’s probably due for a replacement. Check the air filter for signs of clogs and replace it as soon as it starts to restrict airflow. You’ll also want to replace the filters in every room. Vacuum every vent to remove dust and add a fresh filter to ensure breathable air throughout the holidays.

Readjust the Thermostat

The holidays can strain your energy budget, especially when you have guests over. Before entertaining this season, adjust the thermostat to accommodate more people in your home. Simply turn down the heat before guests arrive and allow the extra bodies to generate warmth. On milder days, don’t be afraid to crack a window and let the fresh air circulate.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Now is the perfect time to schedule your annual HVAC maintenance visit. With summer over and winter just on the horizon, your HVAC technician can identify any problems that may occur when switching over to heat. Getting your service done now will also ensure that any necessary repairs can be made before more severe weather kicks in.

Don’t put off your HVAC maintenance any longer. Call Carolina Comfort Air at 919-879-2106 to schedule your annual service and ask our technicians about money-saving holiday solutions.