Unfortunately, there are a lot of energy myths out there that can stop people in Raleigh, North Carolina, from getting the best performance from their HVAC system and other appliances. If you treat these myths as facts, you’ll miss chances to save money and energy. Some of the most common energy myths are that duct tape helps ducts, solar power is expensive, and only advanced technology can save energy.

Duct Tape Is Good for Sealing Ducts

Duct tape is perfect for making quick repairs to household items, but it doesn’t work well in hot, dirty environments like air ducts. Also, the adhesive dries out over time, causing any gaps or leaks you already repaired to reappear when the tape falls off. In some cities and states, using duct tape in ducts is banned. Instead, you should use mastic, an industrial adhesive that dries quickly, provides good insulation and lasts for several years. For larger gaps, you may need to have part of your ductwork replaced.

Solar Power Is Expensive

It’s true that solar energy is an investment, but it’s very affordable. Solar panels come in many different sizes, and a loan can reduce or even eliminate the initial payment. For many homeowners, the monthly payments for solar panels plus monthly utility bills are less than power bills without solar panels. You can even lease a solar system and try it for a year or two before you buy.

Only Advanced Technology Saves Energy

People tend to focus on advanced technology, but you can also save energy with simple changes. Heavy curtains add insulation and block sunlight in summer. In winter, you can open the curtains on sunny days to add light and make your home warmer. Hedges near your home and trees in your yard can block the wind and add shade. They also increase the value of your home.

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