Raleigh, North Carolina is known for its hot, sticky summers that tend to last longer than you might expect. When you want to keep your family comfortable, investing in an air conditioner with all the latest features is essential. From a variable-speed blower to smart thermostat compatibility, take a look at three high-tech features you need in an air conditioner.

Variable-Speed Blower

At Carolina Comfort Air, we know that you don’t always need to run your air conditioner at full blast. Older cooling systems tend to run at full speed or not at all, but new air conditioners have much more advanced options. The Trane XV20i True Comfort Variable Speed features Trane TruComfort technology, which allows the system to run at just the right speed for your home. This helps you optimize the indoor temperature while keeping energy consumption in check. And the best part is that it’s all automatic since this Trane TruComfort system handles everything for you.

Noise Reduction

If you’ve lived with your air conditioner for more than a decade, you may have gotten used to the loud groans and rumbles it makes as it cools your home. When you upgrade to a new system, however, there’s no need to let your air conditioner drown out your outdoor parties. Look for a system that features a compressor sound blanket, which reduces the noise level substantially. In fact, you may never hear so much as a peep from your new cooling system!

Smart Thermostat Compatibility

Outdated air conditioners don’t always work with Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, but new cooling systems are compatible with smart technology. With these advanced features in your home, you can perfect your family’s cooling schedule, adjust the temperature from almost anywhere in the world, and even manage HVAC add-ons, all from one handy device.

Isn’t it time you replaced your outdated cooling system with a new, energy-efficient air conditioner? Call the Carolina Comfort Air team to learn more about our cool solutions today at 919-879-2106.

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