Although North Carolina winters are mild, temperatures can plummet to below freezing several days in a row. Temperatures are cold enough to need a reliable and efficient heat source. North Carolina summers require an air conditioning system to remove humidity and cool the air. Heat pumps provide a good solution to hot, humid summers and cold winters for Raleigh, Wilmington, and surrounding communities.

Energy Efficient Alternatives to Traditional Climate Control Systems

Heat pumps use refrigerant to transfer heat just as a traditional air conditioner does, but they do not use energy to generate heat. Instead, they collect heat and transfer it to another location. In the summer, heat is transferred from indoors to outside. In the winter, the unit draws heat from the outside air and brings it inside. Some units use only one-quarter of the energy that an air conditioning and heating system does. Air source units, the most common type, draw heat from the air. Other types include geothermal, which collects heat from the ground, and absorption units powered by natural gas or another fuel source rather than electricity. Ductless mini-split systems are stand-alone units that heat and cool individual rooms instead of being connected to a ducted system. These units are a good choice for add-ons or older homes that do not have ducted HVAC systems in place.

Heat Boosting Systems

When temperatures drop below zero, a supplementary heating source may be needed. Dual-source technology lets a gas furnace take over when the air-source unit is unable to efficiently heat. Dual-source units automatically switch between heat systems to optimize efficiency. Your HVAC contractor can evaluate your heating and cooling needs and recommend a system that works best for the unique conditions of your building.

Carolina Comfort Air Services

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