I have a 3 car garage on our new house here in Valley End and Willie quoted a my split system AC for my little work shop. He was here mid July when it was in the 100 deg. heat. We discussed the shop and my need to cool just the one area of the shop or the whole 3 car garage when needed. I had a very similar layout and size shop in California and had a 28000 BTU AC unit there. It would freeze me out even on 100+ deg. days and I loved it as I could literally knock it down to 72 deg. in a half hour. I thought I wanted that same capability here in my new shop. Well, after Willie ran the calculations, he came up with a 1 ton unit which I believe is 12,000 BTU. I thought that was not going to do well, but I really didn’t want to go larger with the extra cost of that. I thought I could make do with what was recommended. Well, he was right on target with my real needs and the system is working just fine.

Since you were here and we got this system installed, I have got lots of work done. Many of those days were trying to cool the whole 3 car garage with the unit. If I started it first thing in the morning, and let it run all day it would work quite well. On the 100 deg. days, it would keep it at 78 deg, and with low humidity, that was working reasonably well. I was happy with that and my AC costs are much lower than a larger unit would be. On normal days, in the low 90’s or less, I can keep the whole garage at 72 to 74 deg. That works well too. Now when it’s in the 70’s it will maintain what ever I set it for. I now have both cars in the garage at night if I like, and have my shop area pretty well laid out and things put away where I can find my tools again. That is a big deal for me.

Today, it was cool enough in the morning that I turned it on in the heat mode to see what it would do. I was very impressed with it as after several minutes of warm up time, it was putting out a lot of heat even with the fan on high. I will be very happy with that this winter… and cool fall weather coming.

Thanks for your expert advice on getting me the AC unit that I needed for the job. If I need any changes made, or other HVAC items come up I will be giving you a call. Thanks again for the good job you did!!!!!