10 Signs You Need to Repair Your Home Heating System

HVAC systems require regular maintenance and repair to ensure that the air quality is high and the system is running efficiently. Your heating and cooling system is critical to the comfort of your family, which is why we take HVAC maintenance and repairs so seriously. Continue reading to learn the 10 signs your HVAC system needs repair from a professional: 

Increased Energy Bill

If you notice an increase in your energy bill, you may have a problem with your HVAC system. This is often one of the first symptoms of a problem with your unit. If you suspect something is off, we suggest reviewing your recent energy bills and noting any major and unexpected changes.

Poor Air Quality

Poor air quality is another sign of a problem with your HVAC system. Has your house been feeling stuffy or humid? This change in air quality is indicative of a problem with your unit, and you need to have your unit checked by an HVAC professional to ensure you are receiving high quality airflow throughout your home.

Blowing Wrong Temperature 

If you notice your HVAC unit is blowing the wrong temperature of air, there is a problem with your system that an HVAC professional needs to diagnose and repair. For instance, if you have the temperature set to 75F, but the air being blown is 65F, something is not right. The experts at Carolina Comfort Air can help relieve you of this frustrating problem!

Decreased Air Flow

Decreased air flow can also be a problem with HVAC units, especially older units that haven’t received regular servicing. This problem can be easily identified by feeling how much air is flowing out of your air ducts or mini split units. Make note if one air vent or mini split unit is emitting much less air than the others. 

Short Cycles

Short cycles can indicate an underlying problem with your HVAC system. Short cycles can mean your system is running inefficiently, which can raise your energy bills and lead to homeowner frustration. Short cycles can be caused by a myriad of different problems, ranging from minor to severe, which is why it’s so important to get the opinion of an HVAC professional.

Unusual Odors

If you have noticed unusual odors coming from your HVAC unit, you may want to schedule a maintenance appointment to ensure your unit is free of debris or wildlife. New odors can be caused by a wide variety of things, but it’s best to rule out any larger problems which may be contributing to the smell. 

Constantly Adjusting your Thermostat 

Having to constantly adjust your thermostat is a sign your HVAC unit needs a maintenance and repair appointment. Your air conditioner should be able to maintain your desired temperature during and in-between cycles. If you want to remove the burden of manually adjusting the thermostat, consider investing in a programmable thermostat so you can remotely control the temperature of your home.

New Noises

New and unusual noises, like rattling or loud humming is a major sign of a problem with your HVAC system. New noises can indicate a missing or broken part, and even debris that got stuck in your unit. New and unusual noises are a telltale sign that your unit needs maintenance and/or repair. 

Frequent Repairs and Replacements

Have you noticed your HVAC unit is needing more frequent repairs and replacements? Your unit may have a larger underlying problem that needs to be fixed to avoid continual repairs and replacements during the lifetime of your unit. It may be time to upgrade to a newer, more energy efficient HVAC unit from Trane or Mitsubishi.

Yellow Furnace Flame

Your furnace flame should always be blue, and if you notice other colored flames, make sure to promptly call your HVAC professional to investigate the cause. A yellow furnace flame is not only bad for your HVAC system, but it can be very dangerous to your health and safety. Yellow furnace flames indicate the presence of carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that can cause serious illness and even death. 

Have you noticed any of these problems with your HVAC unit? Give us a call today at (919) 367-3818 to schedule an appointment with our team of HVAC experts who can help solve your HVAC problems!