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Taking the time to properly care for your HVAC system will help you enjoy worry-free performance for years to come. For answers to your HVAC maintenance questions, contact Carolina Comfort Air today!

Information For Your HVAC System

Not only will an efficiently running system bring you greater comfort — it will also save you money on lower energy costs, fewer repairs, and longer system life. There are several things you can do to make sure your system starts off on the right foot and continues to provide efficient, worry-free service for years to come.

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Have an HVAC Expert Inspect the System

Even if you had a home inspection before purchasing your new home — and that inspection included your HVAC system — it’s always smart to have an HVAC expert inspect the system more thoroughly before you begin using it on a regular basis.

Home inspectors face the huge task of inspecting your entire home so they simply can’t devote as much time to inspecting your system as an HVAC expert can. It is possible for them to miss issues that an HVAC specialist would catch.

The best way to ensure your comfort and safety and assess the functionality and efficiency of your system as you prepare for your new life in your home is to have it inspected by a Carolina Comfort Air HVAC specialist.

Commit to HVAC Maintenance Practices

Make HVAC Maintenance A Priority – Have your system checked and tuned up twice each year.

Clean or Change Your Air Filters Regularly – We recommend changing your filters monthly with a 1″ poly-filter vs. the thicker, long time use filters that can slow down airflow to the system. 

Check Your Outdoor Unit Periodically – Clear away any debris around the unit or inside the drain pan and be sure to monitor your pets outdoors, as urine can damage the condenser coil. 

Keep all Grilles Open and Clear – Closing your vents or obstructions blocking airflow can cause pressure on the system. If you don’t need much airflow to a room, we suggest an airflow adjustment to direct airflow for how your family lives in the home.


Warranty Information

Anything can go wrong with your HVAC equipment at any time. Because of this, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. We understand the value of your HVAC unit, and how inconvenient a broken AC unit can be, so we want you to be protected under any circumstance.

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