10 Ways to Naturally Cool Down Your Home

Summer is here, and it brought blazing heat along for the season. 

Is your AC unit fighting to keep up with the rising temps? Can’t seem to keep the house cool? We’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to naturally cool down your home to help you beat the heat this summer:

1. Turn on your fans

Fans are your friend in the summer. Get air flowing through your home by turning on ceiling fans, standing fans, and even portable table-top fans. The more air you can get circulating through your house, the cooler you will be. 

2. Avoid prolonged oven use

Using the oven will quickly heat up your house during all seasons. If you must use the oven during the day, avoid prolonged use, as it can quickly contribute to the heat building within your home. Help your HVAC unit do its job by not giving it a heat-producing appliance to fight against. 

3. Close your blinds

Sunlight is a major source of heat. Beat the heat by closing your blinds to prevent any excessive sunlight from beaming into your home. While this may seem like a small measure, removing an extra heat source like sunlight can drastically help cool off your home. Consider purchasing light-blocking curtains that deflect light and heat away from your windows.

4. Keep your doors closed

While it may be hot inside your home, it’s much hotter outside. So, when you or your guests enter and exit, make sure the door is closed quickly behind to avoid heat from entering. The last thing you want is for the cool air to escape through an open door.

5. Check your windows

Similar to the door, you’ll want to check your windows to ensure the seals are tight. Sealants around windows can erode and let in hot air while cool air escapes. Do a general check around the windows in your home to ensure they have a secure seal. You may want to consider window treatments such as shading or glazing your panes to lessen the solar glare.

6. Turn off any unnecessary appliances

Don’t leave any unnecessary appliances running while you are trying to cool down your home. For example, avoid running your dryer if possible, since dryers produce a lot of heat and can further contribute to the rising temps within your home. Turning off extra appliances can also help your HVAC unit run more efficiently, as it isn’t fighting for the energy to do its job of cooling your home. 

7. Use your exhaust fans 

Exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom are an excellent way to remove excess heat and humidity without using too much power. Put your exhaust fans to use this summer and let them lift the burden off of your HVAC unit. You may want to consider positioning portable fans at your exhaust vents to help speed up the process of removing hot air.

8. Add blown-in attic insulation

If the problem persists, consider adding blown-in attic insulation from the experts at Carolina Comfort Air. This new service gives your attic an airtight seal, preventing cool air from escaping through cracks and gaps in your attic walls, ceilings, and floors. Blown-in attic insulation not only keeps your home cooler in the summer, but it keeps your home warmer in the winter, by ensuring the warm air is kept inside your home. Further, this service can save you 30-50% on your heating and cooling bills. 

9. Dress light 

The summer heat is uncontrollable, but you can ease the burn by wearing light clothes that let a breeze flow through. Consider wearing loose cotton clothes, and avoid tight outfits that leave your skin feeling constricted. Avoid jeans and other heavy clothing. 

10. Get your HVAC unit maintenanced

Sometimes, the reason why you can’t seem to cool down your house is that your HVAC unit needs to be maintenanced. Debris may build up around the unit as the seasons change, causing it to run inefficiently. The experts at Carolina Comfort Air bring decades of experience and can provide regular maintenance to your unit so you stay cool all summer long.

Tried all these hacks and still need help cooling down your home? Call us today to see which of our services you would most benefit from!