How to Achieve your Optimal Sleep Temperature

Have you been struggling to fall or stay asleep? The temperature of your bedroom may be contributing to your sleep troubles. Bedroom temperature has a huge impact on sleep quality and duration. Studies show that 60°F-67°F is the ideal temperature range for optimal sleep. However, these temperatures may be hard to achieve during the heat of summer. Continue reading to learn how to achieve your optimal sleep temperature. 

Control Bedroom Humidity 

High humidity can contribute greatly to heat retention in your home. If you live in a particularly humid environment, you may want to consider adding a dehumidifier to your bedroom to help reduce humidity and improve air quality. Controlling the humidity in your home is a great first step in regulating the temperature of your whole home, including the bedroom.

Service your HVAC unit

If your HVAC unit isn’t keeping your bedroom cool enough, it may need to be maintenanced. Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your unit and ensure it is running optimally throughout the entire year. At Carolina Comfort Air, we offer a selection of HVAC system maintenance options for you to choose from. Let our experts ensure your unit is running efficiently so you can achieve the perfect sleeping temperature every night. 

Close your Blinds and Curtains

Excess heat can easily enter your home through windows that aren’t covered by blinds or curtains. If you are trying to cool your bedroom off, make sure to keep your blinds closed so the sun doesn’t contribute to the heat inside. You may want to consider purchasing heat blocking curtains for the windows in your bedroom if you are struggling to keep the heat out. Preventing excess heat from entering will help your HVAC unit run efficiently and keep your home cool.

Circulate the Air with Fans

Poor air circulation can make a room feel hot even if your HVAC unit is running efficiently. Use ceiling fans and plug-in fans to get the cool air circulating in your bedroom. You may be feeling hot simply due to stagnant air, and fans may be just the trick to keeping your room cool, and helping you get a restful sleep. 

Upgrade your Insulation

Poor insulation can cause cool air to escape, leading to a warm bedroom and sleepless nights. If you want to keep your bedroom cool, consider upgrading your insulation, specifically in the attic. Cool air can leak through cracks and crevices that aren’t sealed off, which is why insulation is so important. At Carolina Comfort Air, we offer Blown-in Attic Insulation services to boost your home’s efficiency and help conserve the cool air. This is a great option for any homeowner seeking to maintain a balanced temperature throughout their home.

Still having trouble keeping your home cool? Contact us today to see how we can help you secure your optimal sleeping temperature!