Surge Protectors

From computers and televisions to the family refrigerator, the electronics and appliances in your home depend on uninterrupted electrical service. Power surges can quickly overwhelm these modern gadgets, causing harm to critical operating components. Sudden spikes in electricity can damage your home’s heating and cooling systems too, often leading to costly repairs and replacements. Surge protectors from Carolina Comfort Air offer you an affordable way to safeguard the investment you’ve made in home comfort.

What Causes Power Surges?

Electrical surges are brief but destructive spikes in voltage that can deliver harmful bursts of power to appliances. Most episodes last only a fraction of a second but can send thousands of amps surging through the equipment. The primary cause of power surges may surprise you. While lightning strikes and power outages are not unusual in North Carolina, they’re not the most common source of over-voltage events:

  • Most power surges are caused by the electrical devices operating in your home.
  • Everything from faulty wiring to a short-circuiting toaster can result in a damaging spike of electricity.
  • Repeated power surges eventually degrade components inside electrical devices.
  • Air conditioner motors damaged by power spikes often lead to additional over-voltage events.

Surge Protection for AC Systems

Air conditioning systems are particularly vulnerable to destructive spikes in electrical voltage. In split-system air conditioners, the damage typically occurs in the outdoor unit where the compressor is housed. This critical piece of equipment helps regulate the flow of refrigerant through the entire system. The air conditioner might continue to operate after a damaging surge, but it’s likely that its performance will be compromised. In North Carolina, AC systems are most at risk during the powerful storms that roll through the region.

Power Surge Solutions

Surge protectors range from devices designed to shield household equipment from lightning strikes to models engineered specifically for HVAC units. Most work by redirecting surges in voltage to the connected ground. Depending on the model, the device may attach to your home’s main breaker panel or directly to the HVAC disconnect. Whole-house protectors that shut down equipment automatically during power surges are another effective option.

Protect Your Comfort

It’s easy enough to purchase a new coffee maker if a power surge makes it inoperable. Replacing your HVAC system is a completely different story. Surge protection from Carolina Comfort Air works like home or auto insurance, providing you with an inexpensive way to keep your HVAC systems up and running. With branches operating in Raleigh, Clayton, Fayetteville, and more, our technicians are readily available to guide you towards the optimal solution. Call the pros at Carolina Comfort Air today!