North Carolina Residents Breathe Easier with Our Indoor Air Quality Services and Products

Indoor air quality (IAQ) can be a year-round challenge. In the summer months, you might notice that even with your thermostat at the recommended setting, you still have difficulty keeping your home cool. You feel as if you’re walking into a wall of heat and you are constantly tempted to lower your thermostat setting. During the winter months, your air feels dry and thin, and breathing becomes difficult. In both cases, you are dealing with humidity problems.

High humidity in the hot months makes it harder to cool your home. During the winter season, the dry air can cause problems such as frequent static shocks, nosebleeds, dry and itchy skin. These are likely the problems with which you are most familiar, but indoor air quality can be impacted in several ways.

Your Indoor Air Quality Experts

Mold, dust, chemicals, pollen, bacteria, viruses and toxic gases can pollute your indoor air if you’re not careful. From the products you use in your home to cleaning and general hygiene practices, your home can become a petri dish of contaminants.

Schedule an appointment for indoor air quality testing, and the team from Carolina Comfort Air will inspect your home to identify pollutants and their sources. We also offer indoor air quality products including:

  • Air Cleaners
  • Air Purifiers
  • Air Humidifiers
  • Ventilators

A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from your indoor air to help your home feel cooler and prevent mold growth. A humidifier will provide much-needed moisture during the winter months. Air purifiers, ventilators, and air cleaners prove especially handy if someone in your home suffers from respiratory problems.

Effective Air Quality Solutions

Poor indoor air quality can be a serious threat to your health. Carolina Comfort Air can show you how to prevent indoor air quality problems. We have specialized tools and training so we can effectively identify problems with your indoor air.

Apart from providing the products and services that keep your indoor air clean, we make sure to provide additional IAQ support during repair and maintenance service. Contaminated indoor air is a serious matter. We want to make sure your home remains a safe and enjoyable place for you and your family. We keep up to date on latest developments in managing indoor air quality and remain vigilant to ensure your HVAC system is never a contributing factor. You can play a vital role by:

  • Remembering to change your filters
  • Scheduling maintenance
  • Observing effective cleaning habits
  • Being aware of any health changes that could reasonably attribute to being indoors
  • Installing a carbon monoxide alarm and testing the batteries twice a year

For more information, contact your local Carolina Comfort Air office. We service the following areas: Clayton, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Kinston, Goldsboro, Morehead City, Jacksonville, and Wilmington. We will make sure you remain safe indoors. Just schedule an air quality testing if you are concerned about your indoor air.