Should I Get an Air Quality Test on My Home?

Indoor air quality is one of the most important factors for homeowners to consider. Air quality directly impacts the health and safety of those within your home, especially those with conditions like asthma, environmental allergies, or other respiratory conditions. Continue reading to learn why, when, and how you should have air quality testing done in your home:

Importance of Air Quality Testing 

Since we spend the majority of our time indoors, it’s particularly important that the air we breathe is free of dangerous pollutants, chemicals, and mold. Indoor air quality testing allows homeowners to have peace of mind, by ensuring their home is free of any unknown pollutants decreasing air quality and overall wellbeing. We recommend you have indoor air quality testing done if you are:

  • Moving into a new home 
  • Renovating, remodeling, or expanding your home
  • Have experienced a floor, fire, or other natural disaster
  • Experiencing symptoms of respiratory, skin, or eye irritations


Pollutants are all around us, including in our homes, schools, and work buildings. However, there are proactive measures homeowners can take to identify and prevent the build-up of pollutants. Indoor air pollutants can cause health and safety problems if exposure is extensive, which is why testing is so important. Professional indoor air quality testing can identify the presence of many pollutants, including: 

  • Radon
  • Heavy metals
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Pet danger
  • Smoke

Health and Safety

Poor indoor air quality can quickly compromise the health and safety of those within your home. Those who suffer from conditions like asthma and environmental allergies can experience exacerbated symptoms due to pollutants both natural and chemical. At Carolina Comfort Air, we provide a variety of system enhancements to improve indoor air quality and keep your home safe, clean, and healthy, including: 

  • Air purifiers
  • Air scrubber
  • UV lights
  • Whole-house filtration systems
  • Dehumidifier 

Improving Air Quality

We offer Indoor Air Quality Solutions to ensure your home is healthy and safe for years to come. While some air quality problems can be resolved by simply changing a clogged air filter, other homes need a full assessment to remove pollutants. By installing an Indoor Air Quality Solution, we can help:

  • Prevent bacteria build up
  • Reduce cold & flu germs
  • Eliminate airborne & surface contaminants
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce indoor contaminants
  • Improve HVAC functioning

Are you noticing signs and symptoms of poor air quality within your home? Give us a call at (919) 367-3818 to learn how our team can help!