We would like to express our appreciation for the way you handled the recent problem with our air conditioner. As you are aware, we had numerous concerns with both our air conditioning and heating system over the 4 years since our home was built and we moved in. Carolina Comfort Air responded to each of our calls and the service department personnel were always courteous and responsive to our concerns. However, after 13 visits over the 4 years, we still had repeated problems with the heating/air conditioning unit which created stress, was time consuming and expensive.  We were especially pleased with the company’s willingness to hear our concerns and agreement to replace the outside unit as well as provide a five-year warranty for both the parts and service on the new unit and existing system. In addition, we are grateful for the refund of previous payments we made for repairs.

Several staff members serviced us during the diagnostic phase and transition from the old unit to the new. Each person listened and attended to our needs in a professional and caring manner. The team was led by Rick, who did an outstanding job of assessing the problem and I’m sure he contributed to providing you with the information to help us get a new system.  He was assisted by Kevin. Others who also worked in our home were Tomas and Anthony.  All the office staff members were extremely pleasant. We spoke mostly with Melissa, who was patient and calm even when we were frustrated with the long process. Everyone did a fine job and we are pleased to have our air conditioner working again.

We thank the team at Carolina Comfort Air for your fair, prompt and professional service. We look forward to a continued positive relationship.