10 Ways to Save on Your Cooling Bill This Summer

10 ways to save on your cooling bill this summer

The summer heat is already in full swing, and you may be bracing yourself for steep energy bills this season. But you don’t have to run your AC on high all summer long to stay cool. In this article, we will share the top 10 ways to save money on your cooling bill while keeping your home cool and comfortable. 

Use Fans

Fans are a very effective way of keeping your home cool during warm weather. Ceiling fans, plug-in fans, and even portable fans are a great way to promote airflow in your home and reduce the stuffy feeling of hot air. If you have ceiling fans, make sure to set them to spin counterclockwise, which will produce more of a cooling effect in your rooms. 

Cover Your Windows

Covering your windows with curtains and blinds is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to save money on your cooling bill this summer. If your home has many large windows that aren’t shaded by trees, consider purchasing blackout curtains, which help to block sunlight from entering your home. While you will compromise natural lighting, your home will be more comfortable and your cooling bill will be smaller because of this simple curtain upgrade. 

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat is another great way to combat the heat while being mindful of your electricity bill. These smart thermostats can be programmed to fit your schedule and needs. Rather than manually adjusting your thermostat to control your HVAC, a programmable thermostat can make your unit run more efficiently while being cost effective. While programmable thermostats require an up front investment, you can expect cost savings on your electricity bill for years to come. 

Refresh Sealant

Gaps around windows and doors can let cool air escape, which is money down the drain. We recommend that you inspect around your windows and doors to ensure they are free from any gaps or cracks that could allow air to leak out. If you do find any open spaces, make sure to reapply sealant to close off that space. While it may seem small, any opening can let cool air escape and lead to a steep hike in your energy bills.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Having regular HVAC maintenance is a great way to ensure your unit is running as efficiently as possible. During these appointments, a trained technician will assess your unit and make sure it is cooling and heating appropriately. HVAC maintenance is necessary, even if you don’t suspect any problems with your unit, because there are things a technician can identify that homeowners may not be aware of. At Carolina Comfort Air, we recommend that you have HVAC maintenance twice every year to ensure your unit is cooling and heating to the best of its ability. 

Limit Oven Usage

When possible, we recommend that you limit using your oven during the day throughout the summer. Ovens produce a lot of heat and can quickly heat up your home, causing your HVAC unit to work even harder to keep your home cool. If you want to cook during the day, consider grilling outside to keep your home as cool as possible. Plus, grilled food tastes delicious during the summer, so take advantage of this time to cook outdoors! 

Upgrade Your Insulation

Good insulation can help regulate the temperature of your home by preventing cool air from leaking. However, some homes do not have adequate insulation, which can lead to inefficient cooling and high energy bills. Older homes in particular often have this problem. But before you redo all the insulation in your home, consider investing in blown-in attic insulation. Blown-in attic insulation gives your attic an airtight seal, and can help homeowners save 30-50% on heating and cooling bills.

Switch to ENERGY STAR Appliances

If you’re looking to make a big dent in your energy bills this summer, consider switching to ENERGY STAR appliances. These appliances meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Household appliances from dishwashers to HVAC units can have an ENERGY STAR label, which means they have been proven to use significantly less energy than appliances without the label. 

Replace HVAC Filters

HVAC filters get dirty and clogged over time, and they must be replaced at least every 90 days. However, during summer months when you are running your HVAC unit often, you may have to replace the filters sooner than 90 days. Dirty and clogged air filters can cause your HVAC unit to work harder than it needs to in order to cool your home. Clean filters allow for better airflow and a more comfortable home. 

Unplug Appliances 

All appliances use electricity when plugged in, so make sure to unplug anything that you aren’t using to help save on your electricity bills. Everything from your toaster to video games should be unplugged when not in use to help reduce your electricity bills. Large appliances like your washer and dryer shouldn’t be unplugged, but you should still be mindful of how often and when you are using them. For instance, wash and dry clothes in the evenings when the sun sets to avoid extra heat building up in your home. 

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