What Voids an HVAC Warranty?

Your home heating and cooling system is essential all year round to ensure you and your family stay comfortable, but your HVAC system may require repairs over its lifetime. Warranties can help ensure unexpected repairs or replacements are taken care of by a professional at little to no cost to you. AC repair can be costly and inconvenient, which is why warranties are highly recommended. 

What’s Covered by an HVAC Warranty?

HVAC warranties are one of the best ways you can ensure your new unit is protected from unexpected and pricey breakdowns. At Carolina Comfort Air, we offer several warranty options that provide comprehensive coverage for your HVAC system. HVAC warranties cover unexpected repairs, covering parts such as the compressor, coils, and internal function parts. Warranties not only provide coverage and peace of mind, but they also help to increase the value of your property at time of sale, since warranties can often be transferred for units under 10 years of age.

Failure to Register Equipment

It’s important to make sure your HVAC equipment is registered to receive your warranty. Depending on your circumstance, you will either need to register the equipment yourself, or our team will register it on your behalf. If your unit is being added to a new construction, we ask that you register your HVAC equipment within 60 days of installation or closing on your new home. Failing to do so can cost you your warranty, so make sure to register as soon as possible. However, if your HVAC system is changed through our retail department, the team at Carolina Comfort Air will register the equipment for you. 


Understandably, when your HVAC unit has a problem or breaks down, it’s tempting to try to repair it yourself, or with the help of your local handyman. However, attempting to self-repair your unit will void the warranty. It’s always best to call your trusted HVAC professional to repair your unit. Self-repairs not only void your warranty, but they can also cause further damage to your unit, leading to more problems down the road. 

Improper Installation

Similar to self-repairs, installing the wrong parts on your unit will also void the warranty. While it may seem like HVAC parts are interchangeable, they are not, and installing the wrong part can cause major damage to your unit. If you discover a broken part or suspect there is something wrong with your unit, do not attempt to install any replacement parts by yourself or with the help of anyone other than an HVAC professional. Further, many manufacturers will not honor HVAC warranties if it was improperly installed by someone other than an HVAC professional. 

Damaging the Unit

Damaging your HVAC unit, whether accidentally or intentionally, often will void your warranty. Be sure to avoid your unit when doing yard work, home repairs, or outside renovations to ensure no damage is inflicted upon your system. HVAC warranties cover replacements and repairs needed due to wear and tear, aging parts, and manufacturing problems. Warranties don’t always cover repairs due to external damage caused by negligence, so make sure to do your best at protecting your HVAC unit. 

Extending Your Warranty 

At Carolina Comfort Air, we offer 5-year and 10-year extended warranties that can be added to your next installation or to your existing parts warranty, giving you peace of mind for more years to come. Extending HVAC warranties are ideal for those with relatively new units or those who transferred their warranties to their new home. 

Still unsure about your HVAC warranty? Give us a call at 919-367-3818 to learn more about our warranty offers and to see if your unit is eligible for a warranty extension or transfer.