Keep an eye on your Wilmington, North Carolina HVAC system this Halloween because scary entities might decide it makes a nice home. You’ll know this has happened because the HVAC system will start making strange noises. When the HVAC system needs maintenance, these spooky sounds clue you in that it’s time to call Carolina Comfort Air.

Poltergeist Banging

Does it sound like a poltergeist is banging around inside your furnace? If you hear loud bangs when you turn the furnace on, you might have a delayed ignition problem. When the gas valve opens, your pilot light or electric starter should light it immediately. If it doesn’t, the little cloud of gas lighting up after the delay can cause a loud bang. For this problem, get maintenance immediately. Pooling gas that hasn’t ignited can become a huge problem.

Another reason a poltergeist is banging around in your ducts? Expanding and contracting metal. In this instance, you don’t need maintenance right away because metal will make noises when it changes temperature. It sounds spookier than it is. However, we can take steps to muffle this noise with insulation and other duct materials. Your ducts should also be checked to make sure the changing temperatures haven’t caused any perforations or leaks.

Ghostly Moaning

The sound of air moving through your ducts is normal and when your HVAC system is on, you probably hear the quiet whooshing of air. However, if it sounds like ghosts are haunting your ducts and moaning their unfinished business, you have a problem.

Moaning often happens because you have a problem with your motor. Worn bearings can cause the motor to whine or moan. You’ll hear it when the system kicks on, and the longer you leave it, the louder it gets. We can’t banish ghosts from your house, but we can keep your HVAC system from sounding haunted with a repair!

A Witch’s Rattling

Sometimes it sounds like a witch is rattling about in your HVAC system, casting spells. Well, the spells she’s casting are undermining either your blower motor or the fan blades. Loose components within your air handler start to rattle when the system kicks on. The longer you run an HVAC system that has a rattle, the worse that rattle will get.

Eventually, those witchy spells will turn into louder and more frequent sounds. Stop the witch in her tracks with some maintenance to tighten down those loose connections.

Ghoulish Scraping

Those witchy rattling spells can turn into scraping sounds if you leave them for too long. It sounds like a ghoul is living in your air handler, scraping his claws across the metal inside. What’s happening is that those blower and fan parts have become so loose, they’re scraping against each other. The fan blades could be scraping against the inside of the air handler, or the motor could be scraping against mounts. Either way, you should not run your HVAC system when it is making this sound because the parts may come loose and damage the rest of it.

Sharp Teeth Clacking

If you hear a clacking or a crackling sound coming from your HVAC system, almost like a monster is biting through a block of ice, you might have frozen coils. The evaporator coils inside your heat pump’s air handler need a specific amount of airflow over clean coils to work properly.

When the airflow is restricted, or the coils are dirty, the heat exchange process that treats your indoor air doesn’t happen correctly. That can cause the coils to freeze and ice to form. The crackling sound is the ice starting to melt, almost like an ice monster is in there chomping away.

Halloween is the time for haunted houses and trick-or-treating, not for noisy HVAC systems. Get your HVAC maintenance, whether or not you hear any of these noises before winter hits so you can have a cold season full of uninterrupted indoor heat. For HVAC hauntings, who are you going to call? Carolina Comfort Air at 919-879-2106!