If you’ve been a homeowner for long, you’ve probably put “replace HVAC air filters” on your to-do list every few months. You know that changing the filter is an essential chore, but have you ever wondered why it’s so important? From improved air quality to lower utility bills, discover four reasons why Goldsboro, North Carolina, homeowners should change HVAC air filters regularly.

Improved Efficiency

Your HVAC system’s air filters are responsible for catching all the dust, dirt, debris and allergens in your home’s air supply before they enter the system itself. As you might imagine, air filters trap tons of debris over the course of a few months, which causes them to clog up and slow down the airflow. Replacing the filter will allow the air to flow freely again, which improves your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Lower Utility Bills

Poor efficiency means your HVAC system uses much more energy than it should cool your home in the summer. When you change the filter every one to three months, however, you’ll keep efficiency high and utility bills as low as possible. If you notice your utility bills increasing unexpectedly, changing the filter can turn your energy consumption back in the right direction.

Longer HVAC Lifespan

If you don’t change the air filter as often as you should, your HVAC system could experience unnecessarily high levels of stress. Over time, this could shorten its expected lifespan and cause more frequent breakdowns. Replacing the filter regularly will help increase its lifespan and help it run smoothly.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Whether your family suffers from allergies or you just want to breathe clean air, keeping your home’s indoor air quality high is important. Replace the filter regularly to keep dust, pollen and even tobacco smoke from circulating through the air. Choose an advanced filter to remove microscopic particles like volatile organic compounds from the air.

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