As the temperature and the humidity levels rise outside in Jacksonville, North Carolina, you might notice that your energy bills are creeping up along with them. Keep indoor temperatures comfortable without spending too much this summer by changing a few of your energy-wasting habits.

Rely on Fans

If you can stand it, try raising the temperature on your thermostat by a couple of degrees during June, July, and August, when the weather is the hottest outside. Combat the higher temperatures by using ceiling fans, box fans, and other options that keep the air moving. Simply increasing the temperature can reduce your bill by 6 to 8 percent for every degree, so it’s well worth the effort. If you can’t tolerate the heat, setting your thermostat properly for the season can save you some money on energy bills.

Check for Air Leaks

When you have drafty windows and doors, your cooling system could waste a lot of energy on air that seeps out of these open areas. If you feel drafts when you stand near these areas in your home, have the doors and windows properly sealed to save money. Weather stripping, insulation, and caulk can all go a long way to lessen energy waste, which can account for as much as 20 percent of your overall heating and cooling bills.

Adjust Your Schedule 

If you’re in the habit of baking, doing laundry, and running the dishwasher in the morning, you may want to consider making a change to your habits. If you wait a few hours in between these activities, you can cut down on energy waste. These heat-generating activities can increase the humidity and raise the temperature in your home, so waiting until the sun goes down may help reduce your cooling bills.

Expensive energy bills during the summer are never fun, so it’s always smart to look for ways to cut costs. To keep your air conditioning bills under control, give us a call at Carolina Comfort Air at 919-879-2106 for an air conditioning tune-up.

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