Employee Spotlight: Tracey

Meet Tracey.  Tracey joined the Carolina Comfort Air team in 2015 and has 9 years of experience in the HVAC Industry.  He is currently a Service Field Supervisor at the Clayton location. Tracey is a devoted husband, father of 2 and grandfather. 

1. How long have you worked at Carolina Comfort Air?

I started working in January 2015, so a little over 5 years now.

2. Before working at Carolina Comfort Air, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve had?

I grew up in the drywall business. My daddy has been doing it for 50 years, and I started working jobs with him at 6-year-old until 2011 when the house industry hit a slump. All in all I have 32 years in that industry.

3. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?


4. What are you listening to/reading these days?

Right now, I listen to Ben Shapiro Show and Fox News.  As for reading material, I am prepping for my Nate Certification and just picked up a study guide.

5. What is the one thing you cannot resist? (food/dessert/candy/etc.)

I’m a sucker for chocolate and I usually have a Monster energy drink in hand.  I really like to grill out when I’m home.

6. Where is your favorite place to be?

Anywhere just as long as it’s with my grandson.  He will be one on July 22 and he’s learning to walk right now.

7. Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why? 

Out in the middle of the ocean, deep Sea Fishing.  It’s just beautiful. I’ve seen whales, sharks and one early morning I watched a meteor shower over the ocean.

8. Who is your biggest inspiration?

My Dad.  He’s a good man with a good work ethic and he instilled that in me.

9. What is your proudest moment at Carolina Comfort Air?

Actually, today when it was announced that I will be an FSR for the Clayton location.

10. What does true leadership mean to you?

Leadership starts with a good work ethic, quality work, ensuring the customer that we are going to take care of whatever problem arises.  In our industry, all the good technicians are old-school, they have lots of knowledge and we need to mentor our younger techs and tech them that knowledge, passing that on is leadership.

11. Which one would you want most – flying cars, robot housekeepers, or moon cities?

I don’t want to live on the moon and I’m scare of heights, so a robot housekeeper to help my wife out.

12. What did you want to be when you were a kid?

When I was a kid, I thought I would be in the drywall business my whole life.  Now, I want to be the best HVAC tech you’ll ever meet and I want to pass that trade on to my grandson when he grows up.

13. Do you have any pets? What kind?

We have 1 indoor kitty named Chloe who is 3 years old, a 9-year-old Yorkie-poo named Jett and about a year ago we adopted an outdoor kitty named Mia.

14. What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?

Never to pick up a cigarette, it’s a bad habit that’s hard to break.

15. What is your favorite thing about working at Carolina Comfort Air?

Just getting to be myself and joking around with my coworkers.  I just really enjoy talking to everyone.