How Will The R22 Refrigerant Phase Out Impact Me?

R22 Refrigerant Phase Out

If you have an older air conditioner or heating system that uses R-22 refrigerant (Freon), it’s smart to replace your system sooner rather than later. If your system is 10 years or older, it likely uses R22.

At the start of 2020, the United States Environmental Protection Agency set forth regulations, banning the importation or manufacturing of R22 due to its harmful impact on our environment. The compound makeup of the refrigerant has the potential to cause depletion of our ozone layer, contributing to the greenhouse effect

In the short term, this is what you can expect if you have an older HVAC system that operates on R22: 

Extremely Costly Repairs

If your system has recently been charged with R22 you likely noticed the hefty bill you received. Due to limited availability from production halts, the cost to fill your unit with R22 has substantially risen. You can expect your repair bills to continue to grow if your air conditioner requires the refrigerant during repairs. For older systems, these repair costs can be less economical than replacing and financing a new HVAC system.

Limited to No Access to the Refrigerant

The days are ultimately numbered for R22. Before long HVAC contractors near you will no longer have access to the refrigerant, meaning your aging system may not receive the repairs needed. As the phaseout progresses, the demand for HVAC replacement is growing. The typical process for installing a new air conditioner can take days if not weeks. Now consider what implications this built-up demand may bring about? Don’t wait until peak season to research your HVAC financing options. Be proactive!

Explore Financing Options for HVAC Replacement

Carolina Comfort Air encourages homeowners to explore options to replace their aging R22 reliant system with a new energy-efficient HVAC system. Homeowners will see a multitude of benefits when upgrading their A/C system or heating unit

As a local Trane Comfort Specialist, we are experts in installing the most reliable, efficient, and durable HVAC systems on the market. Our consultants will help determine what system is right for your home and needs, and can even provide financing information for you during your free in-home consultation. 

We offer flexible financing options with approved credit to help keep your home comfy. We know that purchasing a new HVAC system is a huge decision and comes with lots of questions and financial logistics. We are here to help you with monthly payments that fit your family’s budget.