We offer all the services you need for installation, repair and maintenance of your valuable HVAC equipment. A lot is required from your HVAC system as it helps you to navigate the seasonal changes. We offer valuable services to our local community by providing advice, solutions and products that guarantee home comfort throughout the year.

Air Conditioning Services

Many people dread the summer months because of the accompanying heat and humidity. With Carolina Comfort Air, you leave the searing temperatures and stuffiness outdoors.

Our energy-efficient air conditioners provide the temperature and humidity control you need. We also provide AC repair, AC installation, AC maintenance and AC repair in Wilmington, Raleigh, Jacksonville and all surrounding areas. We help you to keep your home cool without increasing your energy costs.

Next Day and Saturday installation of new systems are available! You must agree to a new system agreement by noon to qualify for next day or Saturday new system installation.

Same day 2nd opinion on a new system installation is also available when the request is made before noon.

Home Heating Services

Winter can be a great time as we look forward to the holiday season and the special feelings that time of the year can bring. But as you know, winter weather can be extremely unpredictable. There are those winters when little or no heat is needed; others will bring higher energy bills as you see your home heating needs increase. Whatever winter brings, you need to be prepared, and with Carolina Comfort Air, indoor temperatures won’t be a problem.

If your home heating system isn’t performing quite as it should, we can provide essential heating repair to get your system working again. A heating emergency is no problem, as our team is prepared to handle any heating need at any time of the day or night. Our pre-season preventive maintenance services will have your furnace or heat pump operating at optimum efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Although it doesn’t seem as if much thought is given to indoor air management, making sure your indoor air is protected can be complicated. Indoor air is affected by many factors including:

  • Your cleaning regimen.
  • Contaminants that are lurking within your HVAC system that re-enter the indoor air
  • The use and storage of products, equipment and chemicals used in the home
  • Maintenance practices for fuel-burning systems such as stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces
  • Daily activities such as cooking, bathing and doing the laundry contribute to humidity and odors in the home

Call Carolina Comfort Air for advice about improving the quality of the air in your home. Poor air quality can affect your health and well-being. Sometimes particles such as dust, pollen or odors give clues to problems with your indoor air. In other cases, they might not be as noticeable, or you just decide not worry about it. Indoor air quality contaminants can have lasting health consequences. Let Carolina Comfort Air provide the evaluation services you need so you can keep your loved ones healthy.

Complete HVAC Services

We want to be the local HVAC contractor you call, so we focus on offering complete HVAC services. Home heating and air conditioner maintenance are important to keep your system in peak condition. We also provide maintenance service for your indoor air quality products. We take a comprehensive approach by looking at factors in and around your home that could be affecting air conditioning efficiency.

When the use of your current air conditioning system is no longer practical, we can recommend and provide more efficient options. Trust Carolina Comfort Air to be on your side for HVAC efficiency, comfort and energy savings. We’re there when you need us.