What is the Optimal Temperature to Set your Thermostat to in the Winter?

Winter is here, which means homeowners are starting to turn up the heat on their HVAC systems. Carolina Comfort Air is committed to keeping you warm this winter, so keep our following tips in mind before cranking up your thermostat: 

Optimal Thermostat Settings 

Optimal thermostat settings can vary depending on different factors, such as changing seasons and traveling. During fall and winter months, The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 68°F while at home. 68°F has been shown to help save on energy bills while keeping your home comfortable during colder months. When you are sleeping, the recommended temperature is 65°F. And when you are away from your home, the recommended temperature is even lower, at 60°F. While these temperatures may seem low, there are several ways to maximize your HVAC heating and keep your home toasty this winter. 

  • Optimal temperature while home: 68°F
  • Optimal temperature while sleeping: 65°F
  • Optimal temperature while away: 60°F

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Investing in a smart thermostat is an excellent way of managing the temperature of your home during the winter. Smart thermostats enable homeowners to remotely control their thermostat and program it to different settings based on personal preference. At Carolina Comfort Air, we are big proponents of programmable thermostats because they are not only convenient, but they are also environmentally friendly and offer savings on energy bills, when compared to traditional thermostats. We offer a variety of smart thermostats, from brands like Honeywell, Trane, Ecobee, and more.

Consider Your Utility Bill

Utility bills are typically higher during winter months due to the increase in HVAC usage. However, homeowners can keep their utility bills down by being proactive with their thermostats and energy usage.

  • Travel – Winter is home to the holidays, which often means homeowners will be traveling or welcoming family and friends into their homes. Those traveling for the holidays need to be mindful of their thermostat settings while away to ensure their utility bill is not inflated when they return. After all, a home does not need to be comfortably warm when nobody is there to enjoy it. 
  • Holiday Celebrations – Homeowners who welcome friends and family over for the holidays will likely be cooking and keeping everyone warm during their stay. Keep in mind the heat produced by the oven and stove, which can reduce the need for a high setting on your thermostat. If you have a day of cooking and entertaining planned, consider lowering your thermostat a few degrees to account for the warmth produced by your oven.

Keep Cold Air Out

A warm home is important during winter, but in order to keep your friends’ and family’s body temperatures warm, it’s important to keep cold air out. You can have the best HVAC system on the market, and your home will not be warm if you are not keeping cold air out. Before cranking your thermostat up, make sure you have done the following: 

  • Make sure all doors and windows have tight seals 
  • Check your attic insulation, and consider upgrading to blown-in attic insulation
  • Consider installing thick curtains to help keep cold air from entering through windows

Still having trouble regulating your home’s temperature? Contact us today to schedule a diagnostic appointment, and discover how our team of experts can help keep you warm this winter!