Considering that your HVAC system accounts for 55 percent of your Clayton, NC home’s energy usage and heating expenses account for 30 percent, it’s important to keep an eye on how well your HVAC system operates. As your heating unit ages, it’s prone to needing frequent repairs. In addition to spending less money on repairs, you’ll find there are other benefits to replacing your old furnace with an energy-efficient unit.

Cost Savings

At best, older heating units run about 75 percent efficient. New ENERGY STAR models are up to 12 percent more efficient than standard models and meet or exceed the 80 percent-efficient federal standards set for North Carolina. The two-stage heating capability found in newer models automatically adjusts the fuel output needed to meet demand. This feature means you’ll use less fuel on a mild winter day rather than having your unit running full blast. Because today’s high-efficiency furnaces use 30 percent less fuel than older models, it makes sense to invest in a unit that saves you money on fuel.

Controlled Comfort

Newer models use innovative technology such as variable speed motors and zoning capability to produce even heating and air flow. The ability to maintain a consistent temperature means you’ll no longer have to deal with uncomfortable temperature swings. Programmable thermostats add another level of comfort control in addition to lowering energy costs, and, thanks to the sound-absorbing materials and insulated cabinets used with today’s systems, newer heating units are quieter than older ones.

Longer Lifespan

Because energy-efficient systems reduce on-and-off cycling, their components last longer and need fewer repairs if you keep up with proper HVAC maintenance. Manufacturers’ rebates, extended warranties, and tax incentives also make energy-efficient systems attractive to homeowners from the Triangle to the coast. Replacing your old heating unit with a new one has many perks. To learn more about how an energy-efficient furnace can improve your home, check out Carolina Comfort Air’s heating options or call your local office today!