As a Wilmington, North Carolina homeowner, you count on your HVAC system to give you clean, cool air year-round. When your air conditioner can’t tackle indoor air quality issues on its own, an energy-recovery ventilator can save the day. From increasing airflow to dehumidifying your home’s air supply, find out how an energy-recovery ventilator can solve your indoor air quality issues.

Increase Airflow

Both new and old homes in the Wilmington area can suffer from poor airflow. Solving a stale air problem isn’t as easy as opening the window, though, because outdoor pollution and hot air enter your home just as easily as fresh air.

Instead, the team at Carolina Comfort Air recommends installing an energy-recovery ventilator to tackle issues with stale air. This device works seamlessly with your HVAC system, and it continually pushes stale air out while drawing in fresh air. With an energy-recovery ventilator, you never have to worry about poor airflow or stuffy air again.

Dehumidify Your Home

These devices do much more than keep the air flowing through your home. As they process the outgoing air, energy-recovery ventilators actually capture some of the thermal energy from the air. They then pre-condition the incoming air, lowering your overall energy consumption while making your home more comfortable.

In the process, these devices also pull excess moisture from the incoming air, helping your HVAC system keep the humidity level comfortable. If you’ve lived in Wilmington for long, you know that your HVAC system can use all the help it can get during hot, humid summers.

Remove Airborne Contaminants

Many energy-recovery ventilators offer advanced filtration options that effectively remove contaminants from the air before that air reaches the inside of your home. Whether you want to keep out mold, seasonal allergens, or volatile organic compounds, better indoor air quality is something every homeowner can appreciate.

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