Prevent Breakdowns With Nexia™ Diagnostics Remote HVAC Monitoring

What is Nexia™ Diagnostics?

Nexia™ Diagnostics is a remote HVAC monitoring system that prevents breakdowns and alerts before minor issues turn into major repairs. Nexia™ Diagnostics works in conjunction with Trane’s Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats to send real-time HVAC performance data to Carolina Comfort Air. 

How Do I Benefit?

With Nexia™ Diagnostics, you’ll always have one of our technicians on standby to monitor your system and diagnose any issues. Nexia™ Diagnostics will give us the necessary information to determine the correct course of action quicker than ever, from wherever we are. If an on-site service call is necessary, we will be able to know what we will need to fix the issue before one of our technicians arrives, saving you valuable time and money. Carolina Comfort Air will be able to diagnose issues proactively, preventing major system malfunctions down the road. 

Nexia™ Diagnostics also generates HVAC system alerts that will automatically be sent to us for immediate action. These early warnings can help keep your heating and cooling system on track and potentially prevent severe damage to your system. 

How Does Remote Monitoring Work?

Nexia™ Diagnostic features are free for Trane HVAC systems and thermostat users. To get started, you must have a compatible Trane thermostat and a free Nexia account. Once you have created your free Nexia account, you should then opt in to the diagnostics to allow Carolina Comfort Air access to your heating and cooling system’s performance data. 

Once you have opted into the diagnostics, we will have access to real-time data on your HVAC equipment. System alerts such as routine maintenance or system malfunctions are automatically sent to Carolina Comfort Air. From there, we will notify you and address the issue immediately. This special access to system performance data and alerts allows us to ensure that we are sending the right technician with the right parts, eliminating the need for repeat repair visits and bills. We are often able to even diagnose issues remotely without the need for a visit!

What Are The Steps I Take To Enroll?

  1. Install your Trane Wi-Fi thermostat
  2. Set up your Nexia account
  3. Connect your thermostat to your Nexia account
  4. Opt-in to allow Carolina Comfort Air to perform remote diagnostics
  5. Relax and leave the rest to us!

Schedule an appointment with us to get started on setting up Nexia™ Diagnostics in your home.