What’s Clogging My Filter?

The air filters in your Clayton, North Carolina home have an important job to do, and if they get clogged, it causes a lot of issues. Clogged air filters can wear down your HVAC system, spike energy bills, and cause poor indoor air quality. The key to preventing your air filter from getting clogged is understanding what’s clogging it in the first place.


If you have furry friends in your home, you’re likely to see their hair and dander get clogged in your air filter. Make sure to brush your pets regularly, and sweep the carpet in your house. Have your long-haired pets groomed during the summer when they shed the most? It will also help prevent additional pet hair from circulating through your vents and ductwork and getting trapped or clogging up your air filters. 


Any small particle that is in your home has potential to get stuck in your air filters. That includes human hair and shedded skin cells, bugs, dust, and particles from humidity and smoke. Make sure to use your ventilation system in your kitchen and bathrooms to prevent those contaminants from circulating inside your home. Dust and vacuum regularly to prevent these small particles from flowing through your HVAC system as well. When your home is clean, there is less debris to clog up your air filters. 


Just about anything can clog up your home if you don’t change your air filters. Check your air filters regularly, which means about once a month, especially when your HVAC system is working in overdrive like during the hottest summer months. If your filters start to get clogged, you should clean or replace them. Investing in a higher quality air filter will also prevent it from getting clogged too quickly. Also, invest in preventive maintenance to have your system checked to make sure it’s running efficiently which will prevent further clogs of your air filters. 

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Image provided by Bigstock